Actualización a SPHPBlog 0.3.7i

Acabo de actualizar mi bitácora a Simple PHP Blog 0.3.7i, una versión en desarrollo e inestable de lo que será la versión oficial 0.3.8.

La he tenido funcionando en mi servidor local un par de días, y no he visto ningún problema.

Si quereis acceder a las versiones en desarrollo de SPHPBlog, las teneis en

Actualización a SPHPBlog 0.3.7i

3 comentarios en “Actualización a SPHPBlog 0.3.7i”

  1. Hola,
    No hablo espanol mucho porque estoy American/English.
    Tambien, tengo que hablar en ingles.

    I hope you can read english well.
    I was wondering if there was any chance for you to return to developing or improving that DOS32A extender that practically stopped dead in 2002.

    I compiled this program called DOSBox which has an Official DOSBox Homesite.

    I compile the latest CVS versions on DOSBox CVS Forumsthat I don't own exclusively but give my time to support the continuation of the program.

    I don't program myself but I am quite involved with the developement as a bug and beta tester. It is a completely open source program and it is all done our free time. It is a MS-DOS emulator and not a PC Emulator. Therefore it is much more adept to DOS only functions. It is becoming more stable and amazingly functional lately. It even has the ability to run Windows3.1 decently.

    Recently I found DOS32A and found it to help improve the stability of MANY of the old DOS program that ultilized it. I was hoping that you may return back to this program and help continue its functionality if there is anything you see that could be greatly improved by doing this. Thanks.

  2. Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro (Guti)

    Hi Jeremy,

    Glad to see there are english spoken people reading me, and also you have been able to find me.

    DOS32A is currentlly frozen. I am not the original developer, it was created by Narech Koumar. I only added a few fixes to the package itself, but now I need the help of Narech.

    Unfortunatelly Narech is not available since it is very busy with him daily work.

    Once he comes back, maybe I would have some spare time to the project.

    I am very pleased you liked DOS32A and it is useful to you. In the meanwhile you can get a try to CauseWay DOS Extender. Like DOS32A, it is a replacement for the old and buggy DOS4GW extender.


    Hola Jeremy,

    Es un placer ver que hay angloparlantes leyéndome, y también el saber que has sido capaz de encontrarme.

    DOS32A está actualmente congelado. No soy el desarrollador original, lo creó Narech Koumar. Yo solamenté agregué algunos cambios al paquete, pero ahora necesito la ayuda de Narech.

    Desafortunadamente Narech no está disponible, ya que está muy ocupado con su trabajo diario.

    Tan pronto como el vuelva, quizás tenga algo de tiempo disponible para el proyecto.

    Me satisface que te guste DOS32A y que te haya sido útil. Mientras tanto puedes echar un vistazo al CauseWay DOS Extender. Como el DOS32A, es un remplazo para el viejo e inestable DOS4GW extender.


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