Face Analyzer

Face Analyzer es un servicio gratuito que analiza una fotografía de la cara, e intenta determinar algunos rasgos de personalidad en base a ella.

Racionalmente, la personalidad no está demasiado vinculada a los rasgos faciales, por lo que me han sorprendido los resultados que he obtenido, van en buena linea.

Es una aplicación entretenida para pasar el rato.

Face Analyzer

8 comentarios en “Face Analyzer”

  1. Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro (Guti)

    nickbrain, you have got double than mine! 🙂

    Derek, hay que reconocer que en la foto, algo lo parece…

  2. Guti, I saw in your site Face Analyzer and I was jealous 😉 So I decided to put an entry in my site too…

    Also I have 2 questions for you :

    1.Is there an English version of your site ???
    2.Have you ever tried to put a POLL in your site ?

    Thanks in advance !!!


  3. You said…"The poll is a planned feature for future SPHPBlog releases, unfortunatelly due to time constraints it has been delayed."

    How can I help with the poll ???


  4. Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro (Guti)

    We plan to add support for a thing similar to:
    [ poll id=3]
    [ option id=1]You have choosen option 1[ /option ]
    [ option id=2]You have choosen option 2[ /option ]

    [ /poll ]

    It will be translated to a HTMl form submitting to a PHP page that will count the polls.

    If current IP has already voted, it should display a visual results page.

  5. Javier Gutiérrez Chamorro (Guti)

    I have been thinking a bit more about it.

    Since we only expect one poll per content (entry, static, …), the poll id can be the same as the content id, so we can omit it.

    Even more, id's for options, are only used internally, so, the system can automatically assign one to them.

    So, we should have:
    [ poll ]
    [ option ]You have choosen option 1[ /option ]
    [ option ]You have choosen option 2[ /option ]

    [ /poll ]

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